Paradigm Custom Rod Design

Benchcrafted Fly & Freshwater Split Bamboo Fishing Rods for the Contemporary Angler
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   intro      why bamboo?

Affordability.  A wise decision.
~ Exceptional bench crafted value aimed toward the budget-minded.
~ Utmost confidence in your angling investment with a Promise of Guaranteed Satisfaction.
~ Customarily under-priced for the amount of work and detail each receives on a comparative market scale.
"Natural" selection - by design.
~ For a unique change of pace break away from the man-made mundane and go angling with a renewable resource. 
~ Retire that factory-made stick and take on the warm and lively organic feel of nature's "Lovely Bamboo".
~ Go back to the essence of traditional fly casting as it's meant to be.
~ Indulge the senses and elevate your fly fishing experience.
Why Bamboo?
A few simple reasons . . .
A lifetime of memories.
~ Embrace the pinnacle of angling adventure and tranquil solitude of "the quiet sport" with the accommodating functionality, organic feel and specter of Split Bamboo.
~ Fond recollections which seemingly transform even the simplest moments to the most memorable days on the water.
Personalized elegance and masterful artistry.
~ Heirloom quality craftsmanship.
~ 100% hand planed blanks meticulously crafted always with your best interest's in mind.
~ Solid workmanship paired with superior quality fittings to meet your highest expectations.
~ Split Bamboo heritage. Custom fishing rods that are "made to be fished" for an angling lifetime and passed-on to the next generation with pride.
~ For more than a Century the significance and esteemed lineage of Split Bamboo lives on in the highest volumes of distinction, widely perceived by many to be the definitive "genuine article" in the chronicles of angling history. 

Discover the magic of Split-Bamboo.
" Rivers and streams are fragile arteries of earth's life-blood important to all existence.
Fascinating and powerful, yet delicate and vulnerable in so many ways. Please help
to protect and conserve these great natural resources for the anglers of tomorrow.
It's why we go . . .  if not just to catch and release beautiful trout. "