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Ross Evolution 2 - 1st generation EVO                
Large arbor performance for 4-6 line. Excellent/near Mint lightly used condition. Original Ross packaging, neoprene pouch, instruction booklet. 3.9 oz, 3.25" diameter, WF5+125 capacity. Personal reel collection purchased new in 2002.
Made in USA.   SOLD
Ross Canyon 2 - Collectable classic              
Large arbor performance for 4-6 line. Excellent/Very good+++ condition with minor nicks on housing. Original Ross packaging, neoprene pouch, instruction booklet. 5.5 oz, 3.25" diameter, WF5+120 capacity. No longer in production. Personal collection purchased new in 1999.
Made in USA.   SOLD
Bauer M1  Superlight - w/extra Spool             
Large arbor performance for 3-4 line.  Both spools in Excellent shape (1 black anodized - 1 platinum). Reel housing in Very Good condition with minor rim rash/scratching and few nicks on exterior reel housing noted but otherwise fully functional and exceptionally smooth operating. Original Bauer packaging, neoprene pouch, extra spool velour cloth bag, instruction booklet. Personal collection purchased new in 1997. Fly lines not included. Made in USA.   SOLD
Ross Vision 1 San Miguel                        
New in Box! MINT, unused condition. The smallest reel of this series rated for 1-4 wt. Original packaging w/neoprene pouch, warranty card and instruction pamphlet. Fully-ported version of the original San Miguel model, this highly coveted fly reel is considered by discriminating fly anglers to be one of the best fully sealed infinite adjustment drag mechanisms ever manufactured. Ross ceased production of the beloved San Miguel nearly a decade ago. Made in USA. Own this collectible classic for    SOLD   
Hardy Uniqua Series 1 3/4
NEW  Hardy Uniqua large arbor 3/4 fly reel with all original packaging: box, neoprene pouch, instruction booklet and Warranty card. No longer in production.    SOLD
Fly Rods
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1)  Phillipson Pacemaker, 8'6" 3/2 Split-bamboo fly rod. MINT 100% Original As-New never-fished condition w/plastic on grip. Produced at the Phillipson Rod Co, Denver CO during the early years of business - somewhere around the 1947-49 timeline - as indicated by the black plastic reel seat spacer with aluminum locking hardware and the green nylon w/yellow trim wrap thread windings. This rod features a Round Welsh split jar cork grip, special hard-drawn nickel silver ferrules, Waldic black stripper guide, guaranteed waterproof "never-break" glue joints, Perfection snake guides and tip-tops, original cloth rod sock and aluminum tube with 95% in-tact Phillipson decal. A pristine, highly-collectible unused rarity of Phillipson Rod Co history and tradition.      SOLD
2)  BHT -Brack Hill Tackle by Lou Burhart Classic series model, Serial# 21285, Split-bamboo fly rod. Original, As-New, un-fished Excellent +++ condition 7'6" 2/2 rod is based on the popular Lyle Dickerson 7613 taper. A beautiful rod of high-end workmanship featuring rich, dark flame-tempered cane with 2x2 mirrored node spacing, blued ferrules and reel seat components, custom hand-turned ferrule plug, dyed tiger maple reel seat insert, speckled jasper agate stripper, SnakeBrand bronze guides and tip-tops, java brown thread windings w/black trim wraps, custom BHT rod sock, brass-capped black crackle finish rod tube and custom BHT fleece tube sock. Customer name inscription on the rod. Also included is a brand new Hardy Princess Lightweight reel serial# R05622 pre-loaded with WF5F Rio Gold fly line never fished - lawn cast only. Olive green neoprene hardy reel pouch and all original packaging to include intact, un-used Warranty card. Complete, ready to fish rod/reel package combo.    SOLD
3)   DDB-"The River Keeper" PHY Driggs River Special,    SOLD
4)   Cache Le Poudre Caneworks   A beautiful, Original condition custom fly rod of node-less design (crafted without bamboo nodules) from Dec 1998. Expertly crafted by custom rod maker Charlie Campbell of the former Cache Le Poudre Caneworks in northern Colorado. This rod is another from my personal collection and well-kept in lightly used, Very good +++ Original condition. Based on the popular Everett Garrison 209E classic taper, this smooth, progressive medium-fast action rod casts a #5wt. line with both power and finesse.     SOLD 
5)    Wright and McGill/Granger Aristocrat, 8642 restored  vintage bamboo fly rod. 8 1/2' foot, 3/2. This rod is in excellent fishable condition and all pieces are of exact length. Rod sections are exceptionally straight, likely one of the straightest of the W/M variety that I have laid eyes on - not bad for a rod of its age. W/M nickel silver ferrules are in excellent serviceable condition. Patented Goodwin Granger stamped internal uplocking nickel silver reel seat has minor wear but in excellent working condition. Cork grip is in excellent condition. Excellent restored condition. Includes original bag and vintage replacement tube.   SOLD
6)   PCRD Spartan-Vagabond III #14-0407, Split-Bamboo fly rod. Excellent ORIGINAL condition. Modified 7"2" 3/2 PHY Driggs River Special for #5 line. Sweet roll-caster! One of my personal fishing rods made in 2007 it features a classic semi-parabolic action. This rod features medium tone, lightly flame-mottled cane and a 3x3 node spacing pattern. SnakeBrand light wire bronze guides with bronze tiptops and PacBay bronze stripping guide. Opaque orange Jasper thread wraps tipped olive. Machined antique-blued Nickel silver ferrules are in top condition. Dynawood reel seat spacer with plated U/L gunsmoke grey hardware and modified western style cork grip are all in excellent shape. The varnish/finish is in superb condition.    SOLD
7)   Sewell N Dunton Anglers Choice # 164,  2/2 restored  vintage bamboo fly rod. I purchased this rod in previously restored condition only to fish with due to its low collectability rating. This rod was represented to me as an 8 1/2' footer but actually measures out at 8' 4 1/2". The extra tip is 1 inch short. The original ferrules were replaced by a previous owner with Wright and McGill ferrules that are in very good serviceable condition. Honey colored cane. Black plastic downlocking reel seat spacer with aluminum hardware is in good condition. The cork grip is ridged and slightly indented but otherwise in good condition. I replaced all guides with larger stainless Perfection snakes and a # 8 Mildrum carbide stripper. The larger guides allow today's fly lines to cast with ease. Original markings and label are 100% intact and read: "Sewell N Dunton and Son, Inc. Greenfield, Mass", model # 164 inscribed in black ink. I refinished the rod with original thread wraps in green tipped tan. Ring style hookeeper. I describe the action of this rod as a classic medium/moderate and it seems to throw a DT5 line best. Original bag & replacement tube. A great rod for fishing in good++ restored condition  SOLD
8)   Phillipson Lancer L80,  vintage Fiberlass fly rod. ORIGINAL condition 8' foot, 2/1 medium honey colored blanks. Elk tan guide wraps spiraled over gold foil. Rod is stamped "Lancer" with the "Phillipson Worlds Finest" emblem, Made in USA, L80, Line size HDH. Tip section has 6 Perfection snake guides, butt section has one snake and a Perfection stripper. Gold aluminum anodized downlocking reel seat and half round Welsh style grip are in very good condition, Phillipson N/S silver ferrules in very good++ condition. Hookeeper. Original bag and cardboard tube with Phillipson label.     SOLD
9)    Fenwick Fenglass FF-605-2, 2/1 modern fiberglass fly rod, 6' foot for #5 line. Light brown e-glass blank, cork reel seat spacer and bronze anodized aluminum uplocking hardware. Tip section has 5 guides wrapped Fenwick-brown nylon tipped white, SIC stripper on butt. Hookeeper. Fenwick style grip is in excellent condition. Moderate action. Rod is in overall excellent, original, like new very lightly fished condition and perfect for small trout streams or panfish. Original bag and tube.    SOLD
10)   Cabelas Clear Creek model,  2/1, 7' foot graphite fly rod is marked for casting a 1 wt. line but I've seemed to find that it throws a DT2 and even a DT3 wt. line equally well. Black matte 38 million modulus IM6 graphite blanks. Black woven graphite reel seat with black anodized uplocking hardware. Spigot style ferrules. Western style grip is in excellent condition. Tip has 6 guides, stripper on butt. Hookeeper. Moderate action. Rod is in excellent + overall lightly fished condition. Original tube and bag.   SOLD
11)   Cortland Clear Creek 444 WF1F line, 30 yds, mated to the above rod #4, excellent condition on original spool, packaging not available. Fished once. Olive green color.   SOLD
12)    Fred DeBell Presentation,  vintage bamboo fly rod. ORIGINAL condition 7'6", 2/1 built on Phillipson impregnated blanks. Rod was varnished but appears to be original. Random node spacing with the typical Resorcinol glue lines running along all splines. Inked as "71/2' foot impregnated cane" ' and has a small "DeBell Rod" label that is 100% intact. Tip is 1/2 inch short. W/M ferrules are in very good condition. Bronze anodized aluminum down locking reel seat. Grip is in very good condition. Tip has 5 original Phillipson "spiral" guides which were used mainly on Phillipson fiberglass rods. The butt section has one spiral and a Perfection stripper.  Wrapped in gold/black variegated Jasper tipped gold with gold intermediates throughout.  Moderate-fast dry fly action throws a DT4 or 5 nicely. A classic rod built by the guy who learned from the Granger and Phillipson heritage. Replacement tube and bag.  SOLD   
13)   Sage 486 RPL, Graphite III composite, model GFL 486 RPL, 8' 6"foot, 2 3/4 oz., 2/1,  #4 wt. line fly rod. It seems the long discontinued RPL line has somewhat become a "collectable" in the graphite fly rod category, according to DB Homel's book - "Antique and Collectable Fishing Tackle". Condition: Very good+ with some scratches on the butt section roughly 6-10 inches above the grip, minor wear  for a rod that was my "go-to" for many years. Original tube and bag SOLD
14)  W&M 33A fiberglass fly rod, 7'6" 3/1 Mint & 100% original, with 95% original factory plastic and logo on grip, original rod sock. Trevarno glass, Phillipson elliptical hammer handle grip, alum reel seat, NS ferrules.  SOLD
15)   Sage B686SFL Hi-Modulus fiberglass, Vintage fly rod in Very Good+ condition w/minor scuffs and scratches from typical use. A powerful 6wt. "kit rod" nicely built on 1970's Sage blanks and OEM parts (alum. D/L reel seat & cork grip) with single foot guides and burnt orange thread winding's. Purchased from a dealer several years ago in its exact finished condition. No tube. Aftermarket Sage embossed sock.   SOLD
16)  Thomas & Thomas Paradigm PA905-3Very lightly used graphite fly rod in absolutely pristine condition. No visible marks of usage or wear appear on this rod from my personal collection purchased in '02. It is LIKE NEW from top to bottom. Stored vertically indoors for the duration, this smooth casting, moderate/medium action rod delivers flies with precision and accuracy in the T&T tradition.  SOLD