Paradigm Custom Rod Design

Benchcrafted Fly & Freshwater Split Bamboo Fishing Rods for the Contemporary Angler
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Custom Spinning and Casting Rods
The Osprey Series                  "RiverGuide  &  LakeMaster"  Models
If your forte' is still-water angling with spin-casting gear or stream fishing with spinning tackle -
we can design the appropriate Split Bamboo rod to suit your style and freshwater needs.
* Our 'RiverGuide' model is a custom Spinning rod - the 'LakeMaster' model a Spin-Caster. *
Both models offer a variety of specialized tapers in light to heavy action lengths and configurations.
  Bench-crafted to exacting customer specs from a fully seasoned, flame-tempered culm of select Tonkin Bamboo.
Standard Features include :

~  100% Hand-planed bamboo blanks
~   Custom freshwater rod lengths in  4' to 7' feet
~  18% Nickel Silver machined ferrules
~  Top quality reel seat hoods and hardware
~  Premium line guides - - - traditional or micro type
~  High grade select Cork grips
~  Flame-tempered Tonkin bamboo in rich tones 
~  Loop style hook tender - (optional - no charge)
~  Multi-coat spar-urethane finish - hand-rubbed satin or dipped gloss
~  Partitioned cloth rod sleeve
~  HollowBuilt  construction available
~ Seven (7) thread winding color options (trim wraps included N/C):
Click color palette for enlarged view of thread winding options
2/1  -  Two-piece/single tip Hex . . .       725.00
Optional/Specialty Items :
Packable 3/1  (3 pc.) model                                            825.00
Spare tip option                                                                  275.00
Flamed Rattan wound grip                                                75.00
         Natural basketweave Rattan grip                               100.00         
HollowBuilt Construction                                                125.00
Personal thread wrap/color preference                     25.00
Brass-capped Landmark aluminum tube                   55.00
           ABS denier rod tube                                                             35.00           
Other specialized / personalized custom embellishments will be up-charged, respectively.
   * * *   Attention ! ! !  * * *
* * *  Military Personnel  * * *
20% Discount to Active Duty Service members on  any  NEW custom rod!
" We proudly salute and support the men and women of our United States Armed Forces "
Non-refundable   $225.00  deposit is required to initiate customization.
(Covers cost of major parts orders & incidentals)
    -  Balance is due and payable upon completion of order  -
Please visit the  How to Order  page for  Ordering Policies and Info
Rattan-wound Handles
Handmade spin/spin-casting grips using select hanks of rattan cane that is soaked in water,
flame-mottled in a random pattern, soaked again, then wound and laminated over select cork grips turned in shop.
When dry, a thread winding is placed between the segments followed by sealing the grip with
  (4-5) applications of marine polyurethane spar varnish to ensure maximum UV and moisture protection.
 Custom rattan grips provide a unique look and superior traction - wet or dry - for an improved tactile experience.
Handwoven Natural Rattan Basket-weave
5.5"  &  7.5" inch rear grips  -  2.5" inch fore grips
Latest update: April 7, 2018