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Bamboo Rod Restorations:
Depending on the rod type and varying factors - the time required to conduct a standard Split-Bamboo rod restoration is (in most cases)  30-40 hrs.+

Complete restoration/reconditioning
2/1  &  3/1  rods (up to 8' feet)  - 295.00
2/2  &  3/2 rods (up to 10' feet) - 375.00

Fee covers labor expense of professionally  "re-conditioning"  the rod which broadly entails:
 (1)   -Removal of existing thread winding's, guides and components 
 (2)  -Careful removal of old varnish/finish
 (3)  -Light sanding/surfacing of all rod sections
 (4)  -Clean and service existing ferrules
 (5)  -Remove and re-set existing ferrules  - if necessary
 (6)  -Remove and replace ferrules  - if specified    (upcharge) ***
 (7)  -Clean and service cork grip 
 (8)  -Remove and replace cork grip & reel seat  - if specified    (upcharge) ***
 (9)  -Install guides, tip-tops and components
(10) -Apply new thread winding's
(11)  -Seal and coat thread winding's
(12) -Re-varnish/re-finish rod sections
 ***  Does not include cost for major replacement parts
*** Cost for any major replacement parts will be added to the restoration fee.
Major replacement parts generally consist of:   reel seats, ferrules, grips, high-end guides, etc.
Example  - 2/2 Fly rod resto:
$375.00 (resto fee) + $35.00 (new cork grip) + $65.00 (new fly reel seat)  =  $475.00    plus S/H/I.
* The pricing of cork grips, reel seats and misc. parts will vary on an individual cost-per-item basis and supplier.
  A diligent effort to salvage any and all existing parts attached to a bamboo fishing rod is the first measure of priority when conducting restorations as doing so helps to retain some of the rods' originality and value. Functional/serviceable parts and components which can be spared for re-use will also help to keep the restoration cost to a minimum.
  A complete restoration in some cases requires that the rod be stripped entirely of existing hardware and replaced with similar parts (if readily market available) or modified with parts the customer chooses. If any new parts, ie;  ferrules, guides, cork grip and reel seat, etc. may be needed, a cost analysis will be provided. Upon authorization, parts will be procured and replaced at the customer's discretion and restoration will commence in a timely, efficient manner.
  A detailed log is recorded of every bamboo rod which includes obtaining exact measurements of guide spacing and location of all components. Pictures of the rod are taken to ensure correct placement of these items as represented by the original maker, manufacturer and/or customer.
  A cash deposit is not required however, upon completion the cost of the restoration to include incurred costs for extra parts, shipping etc will be invoiced to the customer. When payment in full has been received, the professionally restored rod will be returned to its respective owner via the specified shipping method.
Owner is responsible for shipping postage and insuring the rod both ways.
Please note that "restoration" applies only to Bamboo rods.

Rod RepairsSplit-Bamboo, fiberglass or graphite fishing rods.
The cost to repair a fishing rod is based upon time required to fix the extent of damage.
An hourly flat rate of no less than  $10.00/hr.  (labor) is charged for both restorations and rod repairs.
Flat rate is  -labor only-  and does not include the cost for replacement parts.
Digital pictures of the rod illustrating a clear view of the noted damage may be emailed for examination, followed by a phone call to obtain a more accurate depiction of what the maladies may be. Alternatively, the rod may be sent to us for a preliminary inspection and a damage assessment will be conducted to determine the scope of the repairs. The customer will then be contacted to discuss what is needed to repair the rod and the estimated cost to fix said damage. At this juncture, a pre-determined repair estimate (hourly rate + cost for necessary parts) will be provided. Upon authorization given by the customer to perform applicable repairs, the process will be carried out in a timely, efficient manner.
Owner is responsible for shipping postage and insuring the rod both ways.
Split-Bamboo repairs in some cases often turn out to be restoration  of sorts.
Please contact me regarding your repair or restoration needs. Thank you.
tel. (303)946.3451
Latest update: April 7, 2018