Paradigm Custom Rod Design

Benchcrafted Fly & Freshwater Split Bamboo Fishing Rods for the Contemporary Angler
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It's all about preference. . .
The common attributes of a fine, Split-bamboo fly rod and the angler commanding it are in many ways unique and well-defined with distinct characteristics alike. Individual casting styles and rod actions, fish specie and variable applications as well as personal tastes influence our quest to seek the types of angling enjoyed most. For these very specific reasons... we do not offer a "narrowed down category or line of personal favorite" fly rod taper reproductions for customers to select from. Why? Preference. Bamboo fanatics are particularly diverse creatures. Some of whom may favor the Everett Garrison namesake of smooth casting, progressive-action fly rod tapers, while a great many others are genuinely fond of the faster-action, workhorse style of Lyle Dickerson rod tapers. Yet, there are others with a deep appreciation for the family of Payne classics or the variety of deep-flexing and spring-like (semi-parabolic) rods made famous by Paul H. Young of that era. Even yet, a wide range of fly anglers enjoy production-made classics in the tradition of HL Leonard, Heddon, Phillipson or the Goodwin Granger/Wright & McGill rod companies among others, still today.

 Our policy is simple.
" Select the custom rod type, taper, length/config. and design that YOU will most enjoy."
Should the taper of choice be available on-file and/or published in the universal taper library archives - we'll replicate the pattern of preference to exacting specs and customize a personalized fishing rod to suit your needs and expectations. If assistance is needed in choosing a rod taper to accommodate, we'll be happy to offer suggestions and guidance in finding the custom rod that is right for you. Available also are a variety of proprietary "tried and true" tapers based upon modifications/adaptations developed from the taper digest multitude of vintage rod makers mentioned above.
Preference is paramount and with Split-bamboo. . . the possibilities are infinite.