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   intro      philosophia
                " Paradigm" :
    noun    Date: 15th century 
Etymology:   from Greek paradeigma, from paradeiknyai to show side by side, from para- + deiknyai to show

    1. example, pattern; especially : an outstandingly clear or typical example or archetype

2. typical example: a typical example of something
3. model that forms basis of something: an example that serves as a pattern or model for something, especially one that forms the basis of a methodology or theory.
Think also of a  "paradigm"  as a change from one way of thinking to another. 
Sort of transformation or metamorphosis. It doesn't just happen, but rather it is driven by agents of change. 
When significant change happens  -  usually from one  fundamental view to another fundamentally different view.

 The Pioneers and old masters in the art of rod making were exceptional visionaries who paved the way for custom rod makers of today. Ambitiously, they toiled to produce a good angling device by experimenting with a vast range of materials to include various species of bamboo and woods, steel, plastics and fiberglass on to the present day carbon fiber composites now being infused with precious metals, and more...
 On an endless quest to construct a dependable fishing rod that might yield a good day's catch and provide relaxing "water time" as we know it, these such materials have proven in ways of their own to be sufficient to individual needs. Years long past, anglers went about casting tapered sticks of exotic greenheart and lancewood or whole, dried stalks of Calcutta with a swatch of braided horse mane for line and leader, while only a few decades ago, (to much heavier extremes) they could often be found on our watersheds flailing-away with clunky, four and five foot-long solid steel "lightning" rods in their arsenal. Such utilitarian angling devices were regarded as effective tools meant to provide sustenance along with adding a good dose of recreational therapy for the angler. 
  With respectful consideration to the variety of crude fishing rod materials used to up to present day - for well over 150 years hand-split Tonkin bamboo has remained the mainstay for superb custom fishing rods. Many of the 75-100+ year old rods whether acquired by inheritance, or bamboo collectors alike are still in use today. Throughout the generations discriminating anglers continue to appreciate and enjoy the organic feel, rich tradition and allure of this resilient, Universal product of Mother Nature.

- From the golden era beginnings of Samuel and Solon Phillippe of Easton, Pa., it's well-known fact that the vast majority of custom Split-Bamboo fly rods constructed today were born from genuine taper patterns borrowed & replicated from the lineage of classic rod works.
- A redux of true and typical examples evolved from the basis of standardized methods collectively devised and utilized by a respected, distinguished and widely known conglomerate of individual, and production-based rod-smith artisans. Vintage masters of the craft such as Hiram Leonard, Paul H. Young, Everett Garrison, Lyle Dickerson, Goodwin Granger, Bill Phillipson, E and J Payne and a host of others within this genre who within their work illustrate that Tonkin bamboo is by far, the single best organic material available to humankind for constructing superior fishing rods.

- In retrospect, an art form was created for generations to come as these classic rod makers toiled with crude and primitive tooling at their disposal, setting standards of excellence which guide today's custom bamboo rod makers in keeping the tradition and legacy of the craft.


" Handcrafted from the Origins of Angling Tradition
by Today's Standards for the Contemporary Angler "
The Paradigm
 What's behind the meaning of the Paradigm?  Well, its usage here is really nothing more than a "slogan" of sorts - unpretentious - yet fitting in context based upon truth found in the universal definition and its general interpretation. The Paradigm "concept and nomenclature" is relevant to the - creative purpose of this Website -only- with no connection to Science or scientific reasoning, ie; "The Paradigm Shift". More importantly, the "slogan" does not make claim to be some sort of revolutionary breakthrough in the angling world or to custom rod making but instead maintains a simple but clarified sense of meaning as it pertains to personal thoughts, methods and perceptions of Bamboo rod crafting today.
 - An avid fly fisherman, fly-tyer and angler-in-general beyond four decades, I first began researching, collecting, and fishing split cane fly rods in the late 1990's. Upon amassing a small trove of used and vintage bamboo treasures in various models and types I then acquired an interest to "spruce-up" and bring back to life the older, distressed classics in need of attention. During the process, I quickly realized that vintage collectable Split-Bamboo rods were not only aesthetically appealing, but also structurally sound tools of the trade that can far outlast their makers.
 - Split Bamboo became a rapid fascination and affliction for me. Upon achieving a proficient level of comfort in the finer aspects and nuances of repairing, restoring and reconditioning older Split-Bamboo rods, a gradual acquisition of knowledge and collection of tools required to make them from scratch followed. In 2003, the first rod built was a modified version of a classic vintage taper;  an 8' foot 2/2 (wet & dry tip) semi-parabolic action, HollowBuilt Paul H Young, "Para-15" model fly rod.
 - As a hobbyist, a variety of Split Bamboo fly, spinning and casting rods subsequently found their way into the appreciative hands of family members and fishing companions, followed by an occasional word-of-mouth custom rod order on the side from customers, good folks whom I proudly refer to as friends. In early 2008, I took the full time challenge of converting this "hobby" and avocation into an upstart custom rod making occupation.
- Fly fishing is a way of life. I prefer to call it "Stream Therapy." A sport of true passion and the perfect recreational escape to decompress from the rigors of daily life, but rod crafting certainly ranks up there for me personally as a fitting sub-category in terms of relaxation and fortunately, one compliments the other serving a relative purpose within themselves. Those who bring a fish to net with their own hand-tied fly patterns will happily concur with understanding.
 - Bamboo fly rods both vintage and contemporary, have witnessed an intriguing revival of prominence generating great interest to the fly fishing community in the recent quarter century or more and for many reasons. From an expression of long-lasting function, style, elegance and the sweet, fluid way they gracefully cast a fly line - to a list simply much too long to mention. . . nothing compares to the fascinating allure of a custom Split-Bamboo fishing rod!

Phil Kosmas ~ Rod-maker ~ Colorado Springs, CO  USA
In the cycle of life. . . . times change and finesse in a "paradigm" of differentiating modes.
So it does in keeping with fine tradition and the inevitable linear progression of unending developments
and new dimensions all proportionately essential to the present day virtues of custom rod crafting.

  Paradigm Custom Rod Design  

Latest update: April 7, 2018