Paradigm Custom Rod Design

Benchcrafted Fly & Freshwater Split Bamboo Fishing Rods for the Contemporary Angler
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 Guarantee of Satisfaction

Paradigm Custom Rod Design will provide for all customers 
an Unconditional Pledge and Guarantee of Satisfaction to repair any damage resulting
from manufacturer / rod maker defects  AT NO COST  to the original purchaser - for LIFE.
Arrange to ship the custom rod to PCRD to expedite the required work  
necessary to return it to serviceable, like new condition in least time possible.
If in the event of untimely circumstances it is determined that incurred damages
 are the result of improper/poor care, mishandling or an unforeseen mishap, etc.,
the original buyer/customer assumes liability to absorb costs to repair such damage
including any and all invoiced charges for parts and labor, etc. - if elected to do so.
Aftermarket modifications made to a NEW custom fishing rod produced by PCRD 
will void the conditions of this warranty defaulting to the original purchaser.  
PCRD will be happy to assist you in performing the applicable repairs and
resolving issues that fall outside the parameters of warranty coverage
 in the timeliest manner conducive to the production schedule.
Three (3) day inspection policy provided on all NEW custom fishing rods.

If you are not 100% satisfied for whatever the reason - please return the NEW fishing rod
within the three (3) day inspection / rescission period for a full refund --- no questions asked.
On returns, customer must pay all shipping charges to include  mandatory  carrier insurance fees.
All shipping, handling and insurance fees will be refunded immediately to the customer
along with the exact dollar amount paid for the NEW custom rod, upon final inspection.

Please note:
Returning a NEW custom rod for refund without provisional shipping insurance that is at the least equal to
the dollar amount paid or total cost of a NEW rod may impose filing a devalued claim with the delivery carrier.
 If the possibility of carrier-caused "damage in transit" has been determined to occur en-route to PCRD
during return shipping without the required insurance, conditions of this return policy will be nullified
and the three (3) day product rescission period terms void.
NEW custom fishing rods must be returned in the "NEW and EXACT" condition
represented at the time of purchase and receipt, having met all of the above criteria.
Thank you.
Paradigm Custom Rod Design
Latest update: November 13, 2017