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Benchcrafted Fly & Freshwater Split Bamboo Fishing Rods for the Contemporary Angler
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Wednesday 20-Mar-2019 19:48:47 MDT
Thank you for visiting my site. Here you can leave your comments.
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Location: COLORADO

Friday 20-Nov-2015 16:04:39 MST
Fred DeBell was my great uncle. I just bought an old beater spin rod from ebay for 20$ w/ shipping. I don't know if any relatives have any of his old gear. His son lives close by and I keep meaning to ask him if I can have it/ buy it.
17 Rob Rosales
Location: colorado

Monday 27-Jul-2015 13:27:04 MDT
Have know Phil a long time and passion is his mantra with these rods.
16 MSgt Jeffrey Shaffer
Location: Quantico, Va.

Wednesday 4-Mar-2015 17:07:51 MST
A retiring Marine who I work for is an avid fly fisherman and I wanted to present him a gift in something that was functional yet beautifully crafted. I researched for a few days online before I decided on Paradigm Custom. Phil is a true craftsman. He took the time to understand which rod would be the perfect match, designed all components and details to personalize the rod for the Marine, and provided updates throughout the build process. Phil developed a work of art. I don't know if it should be fished or put in an art gallery (okay, fished). To take raw bamboo and turn it into something this magnificent is nothing short of amazing. My only regret is that this rod doesn't belong to me! I would recommend Paradigm Custom Rods to anyone interested in owning something they will cherish forever. Thank you for your military service and support, Phil! Meandros III, 7'9", #5/6
15 Steve Terry
Location: California

Saturday 6-Sep-2014 19:44:34 MDT
These rods are not just a work of art but are fun to fish with. I met Phil via his website and emailed him. I ordered two bamboo rods, loved them so much I ordered an additional two rods. Whether you are a collector, looking for an heirloom or just want a great fishing rod, Paradigm Custom Rods is your place. Another benefit of ordering with Phil is that he keeps you up to date on the progress of your fishing rod. I love the fishing rods and recommend them to everyone!
14 Sonnie Ng
Location: Australia

Thursday 18-Jul-2013 03:34:57 MDT
6(^)6 Hi Phil the bamboo fly rods you made for me are really great and all my friends want one. We fished them on the river near home and they performed like a dream. They are beautifully made and a treat to cast.

Look for more orders to come.Sonnie
13 Don
Location: pa.

Sunday 10-Jun-2012 16:45:51 MDT
Phil, " WHAT A FIND " I was fortunate enough to locate Paradigm on the web. Through outstanding recommendations and ultimate personal attention - an awesome cane rod was built. To say impressed is a real understatement. ( THANKS PHIL ) DON
12 Bill Rocky Rzodkiewicz
Location: Fairview, Pennsylvania

Tuesday 20-Mar-2012 10:25:04 MDT
Phil is amazing!! I am so happy with my custom spin rod that just arrived! It is amazing! Trout season is a few weeks away here in Pa. and I will be proud to fish such a beautiful piece of art.
11 Sam
Location: Michigan U.P.

Thursday 24-Nov-2011 09:11:57 MST
Probably the best laid out site I've seen. I hope to put Phil's skillful hands to work very soon.

I admire all obsessive craftsman, far to few left on this big spinning marble.,

I can see obsessive drive to create clearly and all over Phil's site . Very impressive Phil, and THANKS for a great site .

One more thing IMHO, Lemke's seats are more than others claim to be. They are just beautiful little works of art in themselves. Cut so cleanly and finely finished, just love them .
10 Philip Falco, Esq.
Location: Denver

Thursday 7-Apr-2011 16:46:22 MDT
I'm a local attorney, fly and spin fisherman. Phil made a custom rod for me. It converts between fly and spin. It is the most beautiful rod I have ever seen. It is a family heirloom. The value of this rod to me is so much great. I highly recommend Phil Kosmas
9 JR Greene
Location: northwestern NM

Monday 27-Sep-2010 10:16:53 MDT
Phil, I'm ever impressed with the new 2 pc. custom cane fly rod you built for me. Given it a fair amount consistent use the entire month of August and most of September on a variety of local streams. Produced it's share of average-sized trout and even held its own fighting a few larger fish thrown in the mix too. An outstanding job above all expectation, even through all of my indecision early on and couldn't be happier with it. Giving thought to the next one I'd like you to fashion for me sometime down the road but... can't let the wife know or find out about that just yet! Greatly appreciated Phil, keep up the good work with continued success.
8 Art Sonneland
Location: Green Bay,WI

Friday 26-Feb-2010 18:43:55 MST
The vintage granger aristocrat was beautifully restored by Phil.I can't wait to fish it on our Wisconsin spring creeks!
7 Gary Moody
Location: Northboro, IA

Saturday 20-Dec-2008 22:08:37 MST
The 6 1/2 foot bamboo casting rod is sensitive enough to really feel the fish bite but rugged enough to withstand the rigors of true everyday usage. Workmanship is of the highest quality. Highly recommended, I expect to get many years of good use out of this product! A present to me from my dear daughter in 2007. The ultimate gift!
6 Kevin Graybeal
http://Mosquito Lagoon Custom Rods

Monday 8-Dec-2008 07:36:27 MST
You know, some have called my custom rods "works of art."

What Phil Kosmas creates with Bamboo goes beyond "Art" - his rods aren't just beautiful - they are true Heirlooms to be enjoyed, adored, and passed down to the next generation with pride.

For the life of me, I just don't understand how you're able to offer craftsmanship of this quality as affordable as you do.

Those fortunate enough to own one of these rods know what I'm talking about...

I can't wait to cast the three piece Vagabond!

Oh, I almost forgot... Renzetti's #8217 Fly Fishing and Rod Building Fair was awesome! Wish you could have been there. Maybe next year?

( Lefty says Hi )

Kevin Graybeal

Mosquito Lagoon Custom Rods

5 Abe Lee
Location: Montrose, CO

Saturday 8-Nov-2008 14:00:21 MST
Thanks, Phil, for the professional and expedient transaction! I can imagine how much attention to detail you put into rods that you build by how well you care of your personal tackle as well as your interactions with me. I'm sure the glass rod I bought from you will carry all kinds of good karma as it harasses cutthroat here in the western Colorado high country!
4 Milton King
Location: Colorado

Tuesday 26-Aug-2008 10:30:38 MDT
6(^)6 Phil, this is by far the best bamboo (spinning) rod I have ever owned. It's light weight, easy to pack and carry any where I need to go. I love the design and the personal touch you put on it with the wrap colors of my favorite NFL team the Denver Broncos. It's one of a kind, made just for me. You do great work! Thank you, and thanks to my aunt and uncle for this special gift and their thoughtfulness. It's truly a family heirloom and something I know my son would love to have when I finally hand it down to him. Milton :-D
3 G Bryant

Wednesday 14-May-2008 11:12:20 MDT
It has been my good fortune to be able to fish with Phil. I remember the first trout I caught on a fly, a fly I had tied myself. It was early summer on the Rio Grande in 1972 but it was not until years later after I started fishing with Phil that I truly became a fly fisherman.

I have more rods than I can fish and I blame Phil for that. Glass, graphite and bamboo, high- end, low-end, we tried them all, each has had its own time and place over the years. It was on a trip to fish Cheesman Canyon early one morning about five years ago that Phil quizzed me on my idea of the perfect fly rod. The first thought that came to mind above all was it would have to be bamboo, but all I could come up with, that morning, was some sort of vague thought about a rod that you could cast all day long with perfect fly placement and line control, and you never even knew it was in your hand. It was a frozen early spring day several months later when Phil called and told me he found it, the perfect rod for me. We met the following day at mouth of Waterton Canyon to hike in for some fishing where he introduced me to the owner of the rod he'd spoken of. It was a cold nasty morning with no hope of warming up and little hope of fish. The rod he had been telling me so much about - a P.H. Young Driggs River taper, felt good even with frozen fingers. Back at the parking lot shedding waders the three of us talked money. It was fair price for a sweet cane rod but I knew I was not going home with a new rod that day. After the owner had left, true to form, having never made a bamboo rod before Phil looked at me and stated. "I think I can build that rod for a lot less money".

Sometime in 2003, close to a year after reading books, articles and various literature, attending seminars, rod maker gatherings and eventually a rod building class Phil surprised me with the "Eagle" a semi-parabolic rod he had modified from that PHY Driggs River taper and hand crafted from scratch. It was a 5 wt. 7ft.2in. two piece rod with two tips, one dry/one wet, to make it even more functional as an all-around rod. To me it was an instant heirloom.

Four years later Phil is still fly fishing, still making custom rods and true to his nature he has once again taken it to the next level, creating Paradigm Custom Rod Design. Whether I plan on fishing a #24 Roger Hill black midge on the Platte or a #12 Green Drake on the Fork, the Eagle is always the first rod out of the closet. It is just a true pleasure to fish. It is everything I was hoping for. It is the only rod I own that I have added to my will.

Phil will probably be a little bit embarrassed once he reads this endorsement, he is his own worst critic of his work and would never ask somebody to write a letter praising his craft, which is all the more reason I felt I should. If you are thinking of purchasing your first bamboo rod or you are looking to add a handcrafted fishing tool to your collection, do yourself a favor and consider Paradigm Custom Rod Design. Quality at cost that is highly affordable.

Phil, Thanks for everything over the years, nothing but the best for you and your new venture.

Gary Bryant
2 G. Phlogger
Location: Littleton

Wednesday 7-May-2008 06:42:22 MDT

Should have been on the Ark yesterday.Obscene number of fish, all on top. Amazing. What made the day even better was casting the 5 wt. you built for me. I love that rod. The "Eagle" has landed. Thanks again.
1 mike f
Location: usa

Friday 2-May-2008 15:00:16 MDT
nice site!

good layout

need some pics