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   intro      HollowBuilding

A Primer on HollowBuilding
Commonly referred to as the "Chambered - Bridge and Dam" method.
With precision detail, solid bridges and dams are carefully channeled at designated intervals throughout
interior walls of an unbound Split-Bamboo rod blank creating  an "internal taper" of hollow chambers within.
Lighter, responsive accuracy.
A dynamic innovation for many years - HollowBuilding is a popular and highly-regarded feature that distinctly allows for the organic attributes and fibrous properties of Tonkin bamboo to retain the inherent "natural & classic feel" it is widely known for, while further maximizing the way in which a fly rod will cast.
This is proven beneficial for today's angler in search of high-performance, lighter-weight custom Bamboo fly rods with perfected line control and precision accuracy
without compromising rod strength, power or the traditional characteristics of how a specific Split Bamboo fly rod taper is meant to perform.
Extensive field-testing suggests that the "built-in" efficiency and functional enhancement of HollowBuilt construction will produce an optimized fly rod possessing crisp, effortless casting known to "track and recover" with improved line control and accurate fly placement - complimented overall by a significantly lighter feel in hand.
HollowBuilding reduces the percentage of weight in a Split-Bamboo rod by 25 to 35%.
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Preparing to HollowBuild

Dams are plotted in the jig

Internal chambers
6' ft. rear section of an un-glued
bamboo casting rod before
HollowBuilding weighs
2.20 oz.

Both butt (rear) and tip sections
of the 6'ft casting rod with a
combined weight of 2.10 oz.
(tip was not HollowBuilt)
Completed 3' ft. rear section
after HollowBuilding shows a
27% weight reduction overall.
A HollowBuilt ferrule station
outer wall thickness .080 @ 1.5" depth
 Reinforcing a HollowBuilt ferrule station
with a scrap section, turned to fit,
then glued in place.