Paradigm Custom Rod Design

Handcrafted Fly & Freshwater Split-Bamboo Fishing Rods for the Contemporary Angler
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Welcome to Paradigm Custom Rods
" Fishing is a quest for knowledge and wonder as much as a pursuit of fish."
-Paul Schullery
From the days of old to the modern age of angling  ~ ~ ~
No fishing instrument in existence parallels the exquisite, enduring craftsmanship of a fine, Split Bamboo fly rod.

Why so?
History and tradition. Elements of time that forge ahead progressively merging innovation and modern fabrication methods further improvising upon the classic and standardized,"old-fashioned" rod making principles of yesteryear.
Life-long durability. Uncompromising workmanship found in conventional Split bamboo rod construction along with the integrity of today's advanced rod finish coatings and adhesives formulated to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions.
Signature, custom-personalized design. Premium grade rod components and accoutrements provide lasting durability and aesthetic quality sure to please to the eye.
A sensory overload of fluid, silky-smooth casting strokes effortlessly transfer a balance of finesse integrated with an ample supply of reserve power enabling the fly caster to reach out and deliver a fly to its intended target with precision and accuracy.

In today's complex, fast-paced world...
take yourself back in time to the origins and essence of fly casting tradition
as it began long ago with the lively and natural tempo of Split Bamboo. 


A timeless, classic centerpiece of sporting tradition.
Tonkin bamboo  (Arundinaria amabilis)
A natural, renewable resource with remarkable properties
of tensile strength and organic resilience - proven to endure
the test of time. The century's old superlative in quality freshwater fishing rods for use on streams and lakes.



Split Bamboo rods carry an aura, mystique and a genuine story all their own . . . for the ages.

" When considering the finer attributes - smooth performance and the inherent value of Split bamboo as a treasured keepsake or family heirloom - nothing quite compares to handcrafted tradition. "