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Handcrafted Fly & Freshwater Split-Bamboo Fishing Rods for the Contemporary Angler
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Welcome to Paradigm Custom Rods
" Fishing is a quest for knowledge and wonder as much as a pursuit of fish."
-Paul Schullery
From the days of old to the modern age of angling . . .
  No fishing instrument in existence today  parallels the exquisite, enduring craftsmanship of a fine Split Bamboo fly rod. When freshwater angling on streams and lakes - Split Bamboo is the century's old tried and true superlative - and for many reasons. Consider such remarkable properties of tensile strength and organic resilience of Tonkin bamboo as a natural, renewable resource paired with the measure of life-long durability found in conventional Split Bamboo rod construction proven to stand the test of time. History and tradition progressively forge ahead merging innovative, modernized fabrication processes further improvising upon "old-fashioned", standardized construction methods from classic Split Bamboo rod making principles of yesteryear. Factor also the reliability and integrity of today's advanced adhesives and rod finish coatings formulated to withstand decades of angling and harshest conditions of the elements. Signature, custom-personalized design and uncompromising workmanship - complimented by the lasting, aesthetic brilliance of premium quality rod components and accessories sure to please to the eye. When put in motion. . . a mystical force seems to take hold in sensory overload as fluid casting strokes transfer a balance of precision and accuracy integrated with reserve power to effortlessly reach out and deliver a fly to its intended target.
In today's complex, fast-paced world - - take yourself back to the origins of fly fishing tradition and the essence of fly casting as it began long ago with the smooth, natural tempo of Split Bamboo. 


Split Bamboo rods carry an aura, mystique and a genuine story all their own . . . for the ages.

" Factory-produced fishing rods will function the way a manufacturer intended, but when it comes to inherent value as a treasured Heirloom or keepsake, nothing compares quite like that of a Custom - designed, Handcrafted Split Bamboo fishing rod."
 A timeless, classic centerpiece of sporting tradition.
 The pioneers and old masters in the art of rod making were the exceptional visionaries who paved the way for custom rod makers of today. Ambitiously, they toiled to produce a good angling device experimenting with a vast range of materials to include various types of bamboo's and woods, steel, plastics and fiberglass on to the present day carbon fiber composites now being infused with precious metals, and more. On an endless quest to construct a dependable fishing rod that might yield a good day's catch and provide relaxing "water time" as we know it, the crude materials used back then proved in ways of their own to be sufficient to individual needs. Years long past, anglers went about casting tapered sticks of exotic Greenheart, Lancewood or whole, dried stalks of Calcutta bamboo with a swatch of braided horse mane for leader material. To heavier extremes they could often be found on watersheds flailing-away with clunky, four-foot-long solid steel "lightning" rods in their arsenal, only a few decades ago. Purely utilitarian to their time, these unique devices were regarded to be functional fishing tools providing sustenance along with enjoyable, recreational relief to the angler. By today's comparison, if the effect created from a fishing rod made of any of the above materials was even remotely close to being "enjoyable" in those days - then fishing a contemporary Split-Bamboo fly rod certainly must be the epitome of ultimate nirvana for today's angler.  For well over a century - and of all fishing rod materials used to date - hand-split Tonkin bamboo has remained the mainstay for superb custom fishing rods. "Organic", "lively" and "classically elegant" are a scant few of many descriptions tagged by those who describe the feel of fishing Split Bamboo but however one identifies with it or chooses to call it; "Tonkin Cane", "Bamboo" or Arundinaria amabilis - "The Lovely Reed" -  anglers throughout the generations appreciate and enjoy the classic feel, rich tradition and allure of this resilient, Universal product of Mother Nature.